Fuller House does not fill me up

Story by: Ian Carson

Attempting to tug at the heartstrings and take advantage of the diehard fans of the ended “Full House” series, Netflix launched an original series called “Fuller House.” The new show contains members from the original cast of “Full House,” and includes some new faces, such as Elias Harger, who plays the role of DJ Tanner’s middle son.

The first episode of the series was overloaded with references to “Full House,” which seemed to be a failed attempt to reel in older fans of the show. The new show also mirrors plots lines that were integral in “Full House.” For example, DJ’s husband died, leaving her to mother her kids alone. She moves into her childhood home, and her sister and best friend move in with her to help her with the daunting task, which is very similar to the base of the original series.

Beyond the first episode, the show features some racy plotlines that would not have otherwise occurred in “Full House.” Take, for example, the fact that DJ goes to a nightclub with her friends and meets two men who try to come onto her by buying her alcohol. Perhaps it is just a sign of the times, but this would have never occurred in the previous series.

In addition, “Full House” often featured wholesome lessons at the end of each episode, while still maintaining an entertaining atmosphere and relatable characters. However, in “Fuller House,” the lessons are not as clear and hardly as entertaining.

The new series is also chock full of overblown and overdone pop culture references. Every chance the writers got, it seems they referenced the fact that technology plays an important role lives now, but only portrayed the negative aspects. They played on the “teen who can’t get off their phone” stereotype more than once in the season.

The new show is not without its entertaining moments, nonetheless. DJ’s son said in the first episode that the three bad words are “Darn, booger and Donald Trump.”

Student reactions to the new series have been mixed.

“I don’t think it lived up to what it used to be, but it’s still pretty decent,” said Sydney Cook, 9.

The new series was recently renewed for a second season, and I certainly hope they work on restructuring the plot lines to bring back more of the “Full House” feel to it.