Penny wars made cents

Story by: Allison Yoder, staff writer
Photo by: Caty McGovern, staff photographer

penny wars

This past February, Mt. Vernon High School held the Penny Wars, which raised money for Riley Children’s Hospital, and gave interesting prizes to the winning class, including the privilege of getting to eat lunch outside for the entire fourth quarter. Usually this is a very competitive week at Mt. Vernon. This year, the donations were steady.

As NHS members were walking around the cafeteria, reminding everyone of Penny Wars, they stopped at each table to explain a little tidbit to students about where the donations would go and how good of a cause this was. They explained that throughout the week, the money raised was growing steadily. They stated that last year they raised over $1,000, and hoped to raise that or more this year.

“Penny Wars was pretty successful. We raised over $1,000, but it was definitely not as good as past years,” said Lauren Matson, 12.

Mt, Vernon High School fortunately pulled out with a good amount of donations. In the end, the fundraiser was a success. The senior class won by a landslide, and NHS ended up raising $1,241.39, with $1,087.52 being donated by the seniors.

Penny Wars made a difference, and helped give to Riley Children’s Hospital. This made the fundraiser a prosperous event.