Story by: Dakota Fisher, staff writer

March 13 marked the band Smallpools’ second visit to Indianapolis, this time headlining. The Indie-Pop quartet from Los Angeles recently released their first album, “Lovetap” that includes their hit “Dreaming.”

The lights died down and the opening act, Grizfolk, left the stage.

Fog machines were in full swing, the smell of Halloween permeated the air and the magic began.

Smallpools’ lead guitarist, Mike Kamerman- whom I met shortly after the show- acted as a composer and pretended to conduct the crowd. After his symphony was over and the man beside me and I had bumped elbows numerous times, the stage went black.

The typical “HELLO INDIANAPOLIS!!! HOW YOU DOIN’ TONIGHT?!?” rang through the room and the crowd erupted with screams and ” I love you’s” from 13 year old girls in flannels.

“I have a story,” lead singer Sean Scanlon said as the hearts of the entire crowd raced and adrenaline pumped through our already far-too-excited-veins. Sean told us about a strange dream he’d had that inspired the song, “No Story Time.”

As the intro to the next song began and it built up to the first line, the crowd was practically vibrating. Of course there were the few people standing perfectly still as to get a good shot of Beau killing it on the drums, but the rest of us had no restraint.

“I want all of you to turn your phones off,” Sean instructed. “No matter what, I want all technology away. Even if the Devil himself comes down and starts talking to you.” At that point in his short speech, his voice doubled as though ‘the devil’ had possessed him. Following the exorcism of Sean Scanlon , they begin performing their title song, “Lovetap,” to a phone-free crowd.

Throughout the rest of the night the energy never died and the crowd was energetic as ever.

It is always nice to see a band live, especially in instances such as this when the band is far more talented live than they are on record. Live, they can add so much more grit and emotion and the pressure of getting it right is gone. It is amazing to see a band just lose control on stage.

Smallpools’ first album, “Lovetap,” is now available on iTunes.