MV is bound for Spain

Story by: Hannah Warfel, staff writer
Photo by: Samuel Jobe, staff photographer


In July of 2017, MVHS students will have the chance of a lifetime. They will have the opportunity to travel to Spain for 11 days and visit places such as Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, Costa del Sol, Seville, Córdoba, Madrid, and Morocco.

The cost of the excursion is $3,930 with all the amenities like airfare, transportation, hotels, meals, tour guides, and access to travel sights.

Mia Coster, a Spanish 2 student teacher who lived in Spain, said, “I loved it, it was one of the best experiences. I think that everyone should travel. If they can’t make this trip, try to go in the future. Spain will be an amazing trip.”

The Spain trip will be lead by Mrs. Adams and  Mrs. Laughlin, who are two of the Spanish teachers at Mt. Vernon. Mrs. Adams believes that this trip will help Spanish students develop their knowledge of, not only the language, but the culture.

“It takes what you’ve learned in [Spanish] class and applies it to the real world,” said Mrs. Adams.  

At the moment, only one person is going on the Trip for sure, but there is a long list of people who are interested.

While the informational meeting has already come to pass, anyone who is interested can ask either Señora Adams or Señora Laughlin for more information.

MV hopes to head toward Spain

Story compiled by MV Current staff

Ever wanted to visit Spain? On Tuesday, March 8th at 6 pm in A106 there will be a meeting to discuss a potential trip to Spain and Morocco in July of 2017. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Laughlin are hoping to lead this group.

Here is an excerpt from the letter they created for interested students: “We’re pleased to announce an exciting trip coming up during July 2017 for any interested students who are or will be high school age at the time of the trip.  We will explore Barcelona, the Mediterranean Coast, and southern Spain on an EF Educational Tour. During our tour, we will visit many of Spain’s most famous landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia cathedral, the Alhambra, the Mezquita, the Sevilla cathedral, and the Prado museum. We will also take a day trip to Morocco in Africa.”

Interested students and their parents should plan to attend.