AP test stress

Story by: Ashley Offenbach, staff writer
Photo by: Elizabeth Miller, staff photographer

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The AP Test season are a stressful time of year, and students work day and night to memorize material. When walking out of the testing room, there is a breath of relief.

Depending on the class, an AP Test may be easier than expected or more difficult. For the AP Literature test, Mrs. Schiller prepared students for the worst and most of the students said they felt good about the test when it was over.

The majority of classes have all year to prepare for the AP Tests, such as AP English and Math courses, but there are few that only have a semester, such as AP Spanish and Psychology. Those classes have more work to do in a semester, which can be more stressful for the student and the teacher, instead of having class all year, every other day. It may cause the student to be pounded with homework while the teacher may be frantically trying to get through all the material.

After AP testing is over, a teacher may prepare students for a project, a final, or just review and study materials during the end of the year. There are still two weeks after testing for classes, so this is when they will be review or preparing for some sort of final or project.

To some students the stress and studying pays off, while others feel they should have reviewed more when taking an AP class.

Lauren Mitchell, 11, who took the AP Chemistry final, said, “I think all of the studying was definitely worth it. It was not easy and there were times when I wanted to give up, but overall it was fun. The AP test was not as hard as I had expected it to be.”

Although students stress not only about the class but also about their scores, they must know the material for in class work that will not be on the AP Test.

Shelbi Webb, 11, who took both AP Psychology and AP Literature, said,” I think taking the AP class is worth it because they challenge me and I know I learned a lot from both courses. Even if I do not get college credit for the classes, at least I can walk away knowing I learned something. I think both tests were easier than I thought they would be because I was more comfortable with the material than I thought I was before I took the test and felt pretty good afterwards.”

Although many students were stressed about AP tests, a lot of students claimed the tests were easier than expected.