The challenge of being a student athlete

By Blake Slunaker, staff writer
Photo by Hallee Evans

basketball for student athlete story editedBeing a student athlete can be challenging. Not only do these students have to focus on school work, but they also must balance being in a sport at the same time.

A big problem for students is not being able to get their school work done. Students  go home after practice, eat dinner and then usually go straight to bed after being exhausted from the long day. Many students do not feel like doing school work after their long day.

“It’s hard to balance school, work, and being an athlete all at the same time while still being successful,” said Kennedy Parker, 11.

Some students at Mt. Vernon are just like Kennedy and struggle to balance school, sports and being worked too hard at the same time. However, there are a couple suggestions to try to help balance out the problem.

“First, student athletes must realize that being a student athlete is a commitment to both things,” said Coach Jarman. “The students must realize that they are giving up their free time and that academics come first. I would suggest that these students get a calendar to schedule time for personal things and getting studies done after practices.”

Getting a calendar could prove to be beneficial for students struggling to handle their time. A few student athletes at Mt Vernon use calendars to be more organized in how they handle their time.

“I use the calendar on my phone to even out my time I have for myself, work, studying, and sports that I am in,” said Sam Mcneely, 11.

While there is no true answer to students being able to handle sports and school, getting a calendar to balance out time is a fine suggestion to helping out struggling student athletes.