Managing life: an interview with basketball manager Jonathan Taylor

By Logan Jennings, staff writer

LJ: What are your duties?

JT: Mopping the floors, filling the water tank and getting the scoreboard ready

LJ: What is your favorite part?

JT: I like the overall experience, sitting on the bench is a lot of fun.

LJ: What is your least favorite part?

JT: The long days

LJ: Who is the nicest player on the team?

JT: Michael Ertel

LJ: What is your pet peeve?

JT: They [the players] make a mess out of the water tank and when [they]don’t bring out the warm up balls for games.

LJ: If you are on a 2-on-2 tournament, what player would you take with you?

JT: Michael Thompson

LJ: What is the best part of the games?

JT: When we win the grinders.

LJ: What does Coach Daugherty talk about in the huddles?

JT: He is telling us to execute our plays and [telling us to] playing defense.

LJ: Do you like those suits?

JT: I definitely do. I like changing the part.

LJ: What would be you nickname, if you could have one?

JT: JT or Jonny Basketball

LJ: Anything to add?

JT: Stay classy [and] I’m just here so I won’t get fined.