European vacation

Story by: Tess Barnett, staff writer
Photo by: Samuel Jobe, staff photographer

Europe trip

This summer, 17 Mt. Vernon students and three teachers are going to embark on the trip of a lifetime. English teachers Mrs. Zelencik, Mrs. Schiller, and Mrs. Stindle are leading a very lucky group to Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England.

This trip has been in the works since early last year, and ever since the group of students has been anticipating this trip of a lifetime.

The trip begins on June 22 and is 11 days long. The first stop is in Shannon, Ireland, from which they will travel to Killarney and explore the popular Ring of Kerry. On their way to Dublin, they will see Blarney Castle and Cashel Rock. A day will be spent in Dublin enjoying the many beautiful historic sites that grace Ireland.

From there, they will ferry over to Wales and see Snowdonia, among other attractions. The next stop is in Edinburgh, where they will visit the famous Edinburgh Castle.

After taking a night train from Edinburgh, the group will see many iconic London sites. Mrs. Schiller hopes to spend a free day in London in the audience at the Globe Theater.

“I feel like it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I’m very excited that I’m going to be part of it,” Courtney Cochard, 12.

This once in a lifetime trip is sure to be an eye-opener for students who have never been out of the country before.