The Adventures of Dog Leg: Bake sale and a musical

Photos by: Claire Dorsch, Features Editor

Dog Leg at the bake sale.jpg

Dog Leg had a busy weekend. First there was the Best Buddies 3V3 tournament where Dog Leg helped the newspaper staff sell baked treats.

Dog Leg at Seussical

Later, Dog Leg headed to Ten West to catch a sold-out production of Seussical, the Musical. Dog Leg thought the performance was delightful.

Deadpool is not the average hero

Story by: Maggie Brown, News/Copy Editor

“Deadpool,” based on the popular comic books, is a movie that has been much anticipated by people from all walks of life. “Deadpool” is rated R, unlike most Marvel movies, and the reason is quite apparent. The “F-bomb” is dropped 84 times, which is 83 more times than is acceptable in movies with PG-13 ratings. The fight scenes are much more graphic than anything I’ve ever seen in a superhero movie, although the term superhero applies quite loosely to Deadpool.

Wade Wilson is a man who, when diagnosed with cancer, seeks a cure in a “mutant factory,” a place where a man named Francis attempts to force people to mutate with some sort of serum and around the clock torture. The treatment works, but causes Wilson to become what is described by his friend Weasel as looking like “an avocado that had sex with an older avocado,” which is to say quite ugly. He then spends almost two years trying to track down the man named Francis in hopes of curing his ugliness.

As a fan of Marvel, I was extremely pleased with the way this movie came out. From an openly pansexual protagonist to the well-executed fight scenes and quick humor, “Deadpool” is an all around hit. Ryan Reynolds was perfectly cast, and the way he portrayed Deadpool was excellent. His comedic timing was impeccable, his character more than adequately developed, and his physical appearance is arguably one of the better ones to ever appear in Hollywood films.

I thoroughly enjoyed “Deadpool”, and after a few more times viewing and examining it, it may even make my top three favorite superhero movies, which is quite an honor indeed. I highly recommend “Deadpool” to anyone with a strong stomach, a tolerance for language, and a sense of humor that toes the fine line between genius and crass.

They’re creepy and they’re kooky

Story by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor
Photos provided by Samantha Russell

Samantha #5

It is no secret that within the walls of MVHS are many talented students. Whether it be musically, athletically, or theatrically, there is no shortage of gifted students.

For one MV student, her talent has taken her to professional theater.

Samantha #2This student is Samantha Russell, she does performances with Beef & Boards, a dinner theatre in Indianapolis. Currently they are working on the production of “The Addams Family.”
Russell was also very kind as to do a Q&A with the MV Current

Q: What is the best part about being involved in professional theater?

A: I think the best part is the people I get to work with and all of the knowledge I’m receiving from them about the business and life.

Q:  How do you feel it differs from high school productions?

A: Much faster and everyone is more prepared before we start rehearsals.

Q:  How long have you been performing in theater?

A: I performed in school productions off and on since preschool and I started performing outside of school the summer before my freshman year and ever since.

Q: How do you feel about your Beef & Boards experience?

A: “Everyone has been so welcoming and eager to help me succeed 🙂 I love it so much! “

Q:  Do you feel like this is something you’re going to do for the rest of your life?

A: Heck yes!

Q: Where do you see yourself in 10 years as far as theater goes?

A: I could say where I hope to be haha. My career path is so unpredictable that I’m not quite sure where I’ll be. I do see that I’ll have completed college and started auditioning, but I’m not quite sure what the rest will be or where life will take me.

Q:  What is your favorite show you have performed in so far? Why?Samantha Russell

A: “The Addams Family” because it’s such a fun show and I love playing Wednesday because she is the complete opposite to me.

Q:  What is the most important part of performing professionally?

A: Being directable and being pleasant to work with.

Q:  Do school and performances get in the way of one another? How do you handle the two at once?

A: They do conflict with each other but the thing that has really helped me is staying organized. I’m very conscious of my school work because I have to make sure that I keep my grades up since I’m currently applying for colleges.

Samantha #3Q:  Are there any other comments you have about professional theater or anything you want people to know about it?

A: Yes 🙂 to my fellow performers, don’t be afraid to audition for professional theaters because you never know what will happen. I just went to the audition just to get more audition experience and look what happened! For the non-theatre people, get out there and watch some shows! There are some amazing shows and you don’t want to miss out! I know Beef & Boards has a great season coming up so you should definitely check it out.

Samantha #4

Theater under the sea

Story by: Tess Barnett, staff writer
Photo by: Mackenzie Carpenter, staff photographer

10 West

Something huge is coming to Fortville. Ten West Center for the Arts, whose most recent production was “Grease,” is going to have a childrens’ show.

Disney’s “The Little Mermaid, Jr.” is going to show the weekends of June 19-21 and June 26 and 27. The majority of the cast is going to be between the ages of eight and thirteen, with older students playing the lead roles.  The show is under the direction of Stephani McDole and Ryan Dockery.

The cast is composed of students from Mt. Vernon, Pendleton Heights, Arsenal Tech, and Greenfield. Mt. Vernon’s Shana Stutz, 9, and Arsenal Tech’s Elijah Wood, 10, are playing Ariel and Prince Eric, respectively.

“I’m so grateful to have been given this wonderful opportunity and I’m so excited to start this new journey doing what I love with the people I love,” said Shana Stutz, 9.

Other Mt. Vernon actors include Skylar Mayes as King Triton, Shelby Caldwell, 12, as Allana, the second oldest mersister, Dakota Fisher, 9, as Aquata,  and Cody Smitley, 9, as Grimsby. Mt. Vernon graduate Sydera Theobald was cast as Ursula.

This cast of both seasoned and first time actors is sure to bring a new level of excitement to the world of theatre in Fortville. Hopefully, it will be as successful as “Grease,” which sold out all three nights that it ran.

“Grease” is the word

Story by: Shelby Caldwell, staff writer

Random, wacky, and entertaining, the musical “Grease” has captivated audiences for decades with its timeless high school love story. This classic show came to the live stage in the small town of Fortville in March. Ten West Community Theater took on the task of bringing this show to life.

The musical took place on March 26 through the 28 and each performance was sold out. After several appearances in the local newspaper, the word “Grease” spread like wildfire.

The show was a great opportunity for the community of Fortville and the surrounding area to get together for a night full of laughter. The venue is only five minutes away from the school so the audience was filled with several Mt. Vernon students.

Audience member Ally Stanfield, 12 said, “I loved seeing the stage version of a show I’ve grown up watching. Watching all of my friends shining up on that stage-it was beyond great. I loved the cast, the music, and the show altogether.”

The show featured many Mt. Vernon students who worked very hard to make the show possible. The leading roles Sandy and Danny were played by Ashley Fritz, 11 and Jake McCarty, 12. The show also featured Stephani McDole, 12, as Rizzo and Derek Bond, 12, as Kenickie.

Rylie Gendron, 11, who played Frenchie said, “I loved being a part of a cast that was so passionate and dedicated to the show. It was an honor to perform in such an iconic show as a well-known character. The experience overall was extremely rewarding and magical.”

The show featured all of the classic songs from the film version like “We Go Together” and “You’re the One that I Want,” but also added a  few new songs to contribute to the character of some of the more minor roles. Nearly everyone in the show had their moment to shine.

If you missed the show, do not fret, Ten West has plans for more musicals in the future, including a possible summer show.