Hamburger grandpa

Story by: Hannah Warfel, staff writer

On March 16, when an Oklahoma college student, Kelsey Harmon, got on her Twitter account to tease her cousins, she was not expecting for the tweet to go viral.

Kelsey and her five cousins were suppose to go to their grandfather’s house that night to have dinner, but Kelsey was the only one who showed up. When it became apparent to her that none of her cousins would be joining them, Kelsey took to Twitter and posted a heart wrenching photo of her grandfather gazing sadly at one of the twelve hamburgers he had made for his grandchildren.

“Aww!” said Nikki Schreiner, 10, upon viewing the picture, “That’s really depressing, ’cause he’s eating the hamburger all by himself. That’s really sad.”

Soon enough, Twitter was buzzing with crying emojis and even death threats that were aimed toward the five grandkids who were not able to make it to dinner.

The family was quick to explain that Kelsey’s post was nothing more that a joke and that the six grandkids went over to their grandfather’s house very often.

Brandon Harmon, one of Kelsey’s cousins, explained the joke before saying, “For those who have their grandparents around, call them, tell them you love them. Make an effort to go see them.”

The picture was able to do much more than it’s original intention of playful teasing. It reminded a vast majority of the teenagers in the US how important family really is.