Allegiant fails to live up to expectations

Story by: Sydney Shurman, Reviews Editor
Photos by: Mackenzie Carpenter, Photography Editor


Allegiant, the second-to-last installment in the film adaptation of the young adult book series Divergent, hit theaters March 18th. I was finally able to see it, and I have to say that I feel very let down.

While I cannot say the book trilogy was the best series I have ever read, I did thoroughly enjoy it. It had a nice balance of action and romance, as well as character and plot development. However, the Allegiant movie had none of these aspects.

The most glaringly obvious mistake with the movie that lead to all of its other problems was the fact that for some reason, the people in charge of making it decided to split it into two parts. This seemed incredibly unnecessary because the book did not have enough content to create two movies.

Because of this, I found that the two hours I spent watching the movie dragged on. The plot developed incredibly slowly, and I felt that the majority of it was not that exciting. Most scenes just included talking and explaining, whereas the previous movies included more action scenes. I realize that explanation is necessary to explain the plot, but if the book had been made into only one movie there would have been a much better ratio of explanation to action.

allegiant 2I also felt that the plot was completely predictable. I did not find a single plot twist in the whole movie and every time something happened, I was not surprised in the least. The characters all made decisions that I could see coming a mile away.

These predictable decisions were probably due to the fact that the characters were also very one-dimensional, which was disappointing. In the books, they were far more complex and well-developed. However, Four was barely shown throughout the entire movie, and he spoke about ten words the whole time. Also, Tris did not have nearly the emotional appeal and strength that she should have had.

“I chose not to see Allegiant, because I did see Divergent and I didn’t think it was what I thought it would be,” said Mrs. Ballard, media assistant.”I also went online and saw that it had bad reviews, so I didn’t want to pay to see in the theater.”

In addition, the plot was not even that similar to that of the books. It was loosely based at best. All of these factors came together to create a great big disappointing mess. I can see why it got such bad reviews.