The strenuous stress of softball

Story by: Emme Longman, staff writer
Photos by: Zoe Jenkins, staff photographer


The Lady Marauders JV and Varsity season held tryouts on March 7, 8 and 9.

Since mid-October, the Lady Marauders have had softball workouts, which include lifting weights, batting, and conditioning. Along with school workouts, most girls play on a full-time travel team and meet with a separate batting coach once or twice a week.

“The most stressful thing is doing the right thing and not making a mistake because if you make an error, it feels like you let down your team and it might cost you the game,” said Samantha Bennett, 9.

Most of the stress from softball comes from having to make split-second decisions that could change the game.

“The stress of the game along with the hard work that must be put in is overcome by the love of the game,” says Sydney Gendron, 9.

With a good statistical batting team last year, hopefully this year’s JV and Varsity team can live up to the expectations.

Pi day

Story by: Baylie Clevenger, Managing Editor
Photos by: Zoe Jenkins, staff photographer

Pi Day

On March 7, the math classes of Mt. Vernon High School joined together for what is known in the math community as Pi Day. Pi Day is 3/14 and all of the math classes throughout the day with the exception of business math get together in the main gym for fun math related activities. It was held on March 7 because students will be out for Spring Break on the fourteenth.

Some of the activities included solving math problems for the chance to throw a pie at a teacher and “Pi Story” where students use words with the same number of letters as the numbers in pi. More examples include calculating the circumference of a basketball in “Sports Center” and corn hole in which students calculate the parabolic arch at which the projectile will travel before throwing it.

This is the third year that students have enjoyed Pi Day and it has been a success every year.

Pi Day 2

The Many Adventures of Dog Leg: Girls’ basketball sectionals

Photos by: Zoe Jenkins

girls sectionals

This weekend Dog Leg got in on some fantastic basketball action. He went out to support the MVHS girls’ basketball team at their sectionals.

girls sectionals 2

Although the girls lost their championship game against Greenfield, Dog Leg had a great time hanging out with some of the ladies as they prepared to represent MVHS.

Go Marauders!